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Woad (Isatis tinctoria) Bi


Woad Seeds

The arching branches with their blue/black hanging ripe seeds are an unusual addition to dried flower arrangements. Woad is a famous dye plant used by the ancient Britons for blue dye.
Tewkesbury Strain. Height over 1 mtr.
Naturalised Rare. Height over 1 mtr.
25 seeds

Uses of Woad:
Woad produces the famous blue dye used by Queen Boadecia and many tribes of ancient Britain. The process of dying with Woad is too complicated to explain here! Woad is an attractive plant if allowed plenty of space with its mass of yellow flowers. However the main attraction of Woad is the mass of very decorative hanging seed heads whcih can be cut in August and make most unusual winter decoration. Woad is a rare plant in the wild growing in only two locations in the south of England.

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Pack Size: 25 Seeds


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Sowing Woad Seeds Outside

Sow in spring or summer in shallow drills. Space the seed and lightly cover with soil and water well. Transplant when large enough.
Grow in well cultivated rich soil
Site in full sun
Harvest the leaves any time