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Please allow up to 3 working days for despatch.

Kings Allotment Scheme




Welcome to the 2024 catalogue, we have introduced many new additions and we hope you enjoy browsing through. We continue to offer the most competitive prices to members.


Individual packing for association affiliates = £1.65 each
Orders are packed separately and will be delivered together to the secretary’s address automatically, this applies for all items not listed as a direct delivery item in the catalogue. Items listed as direct delivery ( ) and where an affiliate member has asked for direct delivery, goods will be sent to their home address instead of their secretary’s address (additional fee for Fruit Trees delivery applies).
Association affiliate members wanting direct home delivery
Affiliated members choosing delivery to their home address placed as part of a group order or placed separately will incur the same postage charges as Individually placed orders as priced below.
Individually placed orders separate to main group society orders
All Seeds; Sundries; Direct Sales (except Fruit Trees); Artichoke Tubers;
Asparagus Crowns; Horseradish thongs; Mushrooms;                                                
Onion/Shallot Sets & Garlic = £2.35
All Soft Fruits; Fruit Trees and Seed Potatoes will incur an additional one off set postage charge if ordered in addition to above products = £3.75            
Direct postage costs will not be more than £6.10 in total per order from the main catalogue.


Individually placed orders separate to main group order – Complete the blue order form and return with payment. Please remember to include postage. If your order contains seeds/sundries as well as fruit, and/or seed potatoes your total postage cost will be £6.10.
Society Group/Bulk Orders - Simply collect all the blue order forms and payment from your members,  collate the data and enter on the blue summary sheet. Please check through the order forms and ensure all items are listed in the correct sections. Failure to do this may delay your order whilst correct totals are calculated and extra payment, if required, is collected.
Should you require individual packing, an individual packing fee of £1.65 per members order is required. If a member has items they wish to be sent to them directly please add the correct postage charge.
Individually packed group orders will be sent to the secretary’s address only.
Send all the forms along with the top three copies of the blue summary sheet and payment to Kings. It is suggested to keep a photocopy or picture of the order forms in case it is lost in transit to us, or a query arises with the order.
Please make any specific delivery details clear on the order forms. Delivery is made during the working day. Please provide an alternative address if this could cause a problem. Please notify us if you are expected to be away as soon as possible so that we can ensure delivery is made accordingly. Please make a note of certain products that will be sent separately as soon as they are available at different times of the year from the main order of seeds and sundry items. i.e. Soft Fruits; Seed Potatoes; Asparagus Crowns, etc. (See catalogue for expected delivery times).

Direct delivery items

These items are for direct delivery to your affiliate member and have a lorry symbol against the product. Although the cost should be added with your total remittance on the summary sheet, the items will be despatched straight to your member’s address, when available.  Please ensure we have your member’s full name, address and telephone number and any specific delivery instructions. If not provided the items will be automatically despatched to the secretary’s delivery address.


If you wish to order online, we now have facilities in place for you to do this. Please email for further information or contact us direct on 01376 570000 for further assistance.


All orders will receive an acknowledgment with an order reference number via the email address or postal address entered on the summary sheet. If for any reason you need to contact us, please quote your reference number on all occasions. We cannot trace your order without it. Also, please give your society’s name or account number if possible.  
Onion/Shallot sets and Garlic will be despatched from early October and all orders will be sent in one consignment if part of a group order. Soft fruits will be automatically allocated to the next available delivery if received past the cut off dates or stated otherwise.
Seed Potatoes, will be despatched from early January, and therefore will be sent separately, subject to weather conditions. Seed Potatoes may be substituted automatically if a crop failure or unavailability occurs. Please indicate on the order form if you do not want substitutes.
Orders are treated on a ‘first come first served basis’, the earlier you place your order the earlier we can despatch. During busy periods this may take up to 25 workings days from receipt.
We trust you will find this system easy to follow, if you require help please do not hesitate to contact us. We confirm that all packets are printed on the top reverse flap and on the front of the larger packets, with a reference number as shown on the order form.
We are always grateful to receive any comments regarding either our processes or the catalogue and, where possible, we will make amendments.
If you wish to contact us for any additional information or queries, please email us at
Many thanks again for your support and we wish you and your members a very successful growing season.

PER YEAR 01/07/23 – 30/06/24.
Please note, that no discount is available on any Plants inc. Artichoke Tubers, Horseradish Thongs & Asparagus Crowns, Soft Fruits, Fruit Trees, Garlic Bulbs, Mushrooms, Potatoes, Onion and Shallot sets, Sundry items or Seed Collections (on page 2 of our seed catalogue). Also, no discount is available on Tomato Toddler (18190) as this is a special trial price.

Although there is no discount offered on the above items, we would ask you to point out to your members that they can have the cheaper rate band shown in the catalogue for seed potatoes even if only 1 pack is ordered and of course they pay no carriage costs on any products ordered through the scheme as part of a group order. Postage will apply if ordering individually for direct delivery (as shown on page 1). Please note Sweet Pea and Vegetable Plug Plants are not included in the scheme and do include a one-off carriage charge, no matter how many plants are ordered.

Many thanks again for your support and we wish you and your members a very successful gardening year for the new growing season.


Telephone: 01376 570000
Fax: 01376 571189
Please note that this is a separate allotment scheme from the NSALG Scheme