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Vervain (Verbena officinalis) P


Vervain Herb Seeds
Slender flower spikes grow with many tiny mauve flowers up the stem. Vervain is associated with magic and sorcery.
Habitat: waysides and waste ground. Height: 1m
Perenial Herb

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Sow Vervain outside in spring or late summer in well prepared soil. Lightly cover the seed.

Where is Vervain Found? It Grows in waste places or sparsely grassy places on dry soil.

in most garden soils.
Site in full sun
Medicinal Uses
The herb is used just before flowering. Was used as a nervine to treat depression. It was used as a fever herb to treat ulcers and pleuristy. As a  poultice it is effective for headache and rheumatism. Applied externally to wounds. Used in homoepathy.

Vervain has a long association with witch-craft and as a holy herb. It was employed by the Romans in sacrifices and in the Middle Ages to ward off the Devil. The plant was said to have been found at Calvary and to have been used to treat Christ on the cross. In the eighteenth century it was used to treat over thirty ailments, hence the name Simples Joy.