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Herb Wild Chamomile - Annual


Chamomile produces pretty daisy like white and yellow flowers which are used to make a tea to aid insomnia, to relieve stomach disorders, as a mild sedative or use as a skin wash and a shampoo for blonde hair. Chamomile is packed full of healthy benefits and vitamins. It grows to a height of about 60cm (24").
Hardy Annual

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Sow Outside

In mild spring weather. Broadcast or sow in shallow drills, covering with fine soil. Thin when large enough to handle. Prefers full sun.


When the flower heads are fully open and dried by the sun.

Handy Tip

A herbal tea can produced using, 1/2 of a cup of dried catnep 3/4 of a cup of dried chamomile 1 cup of dried lemon balm 1/4 cup of dried mint 1.4 cup of dried lemon grass Mix the herbs thoroughly, and store in an air tight container. For a cup of tea, use 2 tsp in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes and strain out the herbs.


Chamomile has cosmetic and medicinal uses. Infuse as a facial steam and as a hand soak to soften and whiten the skin, also can be used as an eyebath. Flowers can be used in the bath to soothe sun burnt skin.