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Green Peas - 90gm ORGANIC SEED


These sprouts will taste just like freshly picked peas. Use in salads, soups or as a finger snack.
Ready to harvest in 2-3 days from sowing. Grows to 0.5-1cm.
Organic seed

Product Part Number: OSP15116

Pack Size: 90G


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When to Sow Sprouting Green Pea Seeds

All the year round

Where to Sow

In a salad sprouter or a large jar covered with muslin or with holes in the lid

What to do Next

Soak the sprouting seeds overnight or for 12 hours. Put them into your salad sprouter or covered jar and rinse once or twice a day. It is important that they sprout for no longer than 2-3 days as they will turn bitter. Use when the sprouts are 1cm long.