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Fenugreek - 50gm ORGANIC SEED


Organic Fenugreek Seeds

With a mild curry flavour they are delicious in salads and a superb accompaniment to curries and Indian dishes. Fenugreek sporuting seeds have been used over the years for a variety of health benefits - They are filled with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. Very quick and easy to grow, ready in as little as 3-5 days after being sown.
Height of 2-3cm.
Organic seed!

Product Part Number: OSP15102

Pack Size: 50G


Price : £4.25

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When to Sow Organic Fenugreek Seeds

All the year round

Where to Sow

In a salad sprouter or a large jar covered with muslin or with holes in the lid.

What to do Next

Soak the seeds for 8 hours, put them in your sprouter or jar and leave them out of the sun at room temperature. Rinse and drain them once a day and they will be ready to eat in 2-4 days.