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24 March 2023
Picking Peas

           If there is one vegetable that in my opinion always tastes best when freshly picked, it has to be Peas. I love them, especially picked straight from the vine, shelled and eaten whilst wandering around the vegetable plot on a warm summer evening. I have known a time, when I’ve eaten so many, whilst wandering around the garden, that by the time I go indoors my tongue has turned green. 
Peas eaten fresh like this are very sweet, and always have that melt in the mouth flavour.
For the sweetest flavour, peas are always best picked and eaten straight away, because the sugars soon begin converting to starch once picked. That’s why those pods you buy in the supermarket never taste the same as your own.

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02 March 2023
Andrew Tokely's Gardening Tips for March!

March has arrived, and thankfully the days are getting longer and brighter, which will help make everything in the garden grow. Now is the ideal time to start  of planning for the crops for the rest of the year.  

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