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Garlic Twist Cross Cutter & Garlic Fertiliser Offer


This set inlcudes a garlic cutter and one pot of garlic fertiliser.

The Garlic Twist Cross Cutter is a handy kitchen utensil that is the must have for garlic lovers. It is fun and easy to use. Handy and simple to crush and peel garlic, sparing the unwanted smell you sometimes get lingering on your hands. Minces the garlic to an ideal texture with no waste and no fuss.

PLEASE NOTE: Colour may vary from the item illustrated.

The Garlic Fertiliser has been specially formulated to produce strong, healthy and tasty garlic plants. The old simple truth remains, the best harvest starts with good quality seed garlic. 300gram pot

Product Part Number: 231640

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Price (Inc. VAT): £14.95

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