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Herb Russian Tarragon - Perennial


Tarragon is a popular herb but the true French variety does not seed. The closest match is Russian Tarragon but the Russian variety has an inferior flavour to the French, but is much hardier. It can be used in an aray of dishes and goes particularly well with fish and chicken. It is also the main flavouring of a Béarnaise sauce. Delicious!
The plant will grow to a height of about 60cm (24").
Artemesia dracunculoides
Hardy Perennial

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Sow Outside

From March to may in shallow drills or in a 9cm (3") pot. Thin to 5cm (2") apart, or 2 or 3 to a pot, when large enough to handle. Transplant to growing site in September or early the following spring.


Leaves from June until the first frost.