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Verbena Bonariensis Vanity


If you always thought Verbena bonariensis was too tall for your garden? Not anymore! Vanity is more compact than existing varieties, with tighter flower clusters and a  more intense purple-blue colour, blooming from mid-summer until autumn frost in borders and now also in containers with this more compact variety. 
Hardy Perennial
Height: 80cm (32in)

Product Part Number: 75712

Pack Size: 40 Seeds


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When to sow
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When to Sow

February to April


June to October

Where to Sow

Sow seed on the surface of a good free-draining damp seed compost and cover with a very fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place in a propagator or a warm place at a temperature of 24-27°C (75-80°F) until after germination which usually takes 14-21 days. Do not exclude light as this helps germination. Keep compost on the dry side at all times, and only water lightly as seedlings emerge.

What to do Next

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into pots or trays. Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions for a few weeks before planting out after all risk of frost, 30cm (12") apart.

Handy Tip

Leave plants in borders overwinter and only trim lightly then cut back in Spring down to  new growth as it starts to reappear

Seed Count 40