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Video Gallery

Kings Seeds New "Pea & Bean" Packing machine!
Kings Seeds Sweet Peas Field
Sow Simple

Do it the 'Sow Simple' way. An exciting way to sow vegetable seeds.

Sowing Seed on their Side

How to sow seeds such as Courgettes and Pumpkins on their side.

How to Sow Tomatoes

A useful guide on how to sow Tomato seeds.

Propagators and Chillies
Sowing Seeds Outside
Propagators and Chillies
Use a propagator to start off pepper and tomato seeds.
How to Plant Garlic

A useful guide on how to plant your garlic bulbs.

How to Plant Onion Sets

A useful guide on how to plant your onion sets.

Did You Know Our Seeds Are Tested in Our Lab?
All of our seeds are tested for germination, vigor & purity.
Watch These Runner Bean Seeds Being Tested
All vegetable seeds have to reach a certain germination rate.
How Compost Can Affect Germination
Andrew Tokely explains the importance of compost.
How to Sow Parsnip Seeds
Peter is sowing his parsnips.
Kings Growing Our Own Sweet Peas
Andrew Tokely at the London Branch of NSALG, taking about Sweet Peas.