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Gardening Advices

Kings Seeds allotment newcomer tips & advice

Taking on an allotment should be a rewarding challenge, giving you the opportunity to grow your own fruit and vegetables and is a great way to meet fellow plot holders where you can share and learn growing techniques and tips from one another. It is however also important to remember this is a big commitment and to achieve success allotment plots do require maintaining and nurturing throughout the year. Whatever effort you are prepared to put in, will pay dividends in what you will bring home to the kitchen throughout the growing season.

When visiting the site for the first time and if shown around by the site manager, ask as many questions as you can. What’s the soil type, are there frost pockets, are there any rules and regulations on what can and cannot be grown on site. After you have been given a plot, chat to neighbouring plot holders, as they may be able to give you an indication of what the previous resident grew well, where did he last have Brassicas and potatoes as all this info will help you with crop rotation in the future.