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Strawberry Golden Alexandria


Yellow Alpine Strawberry with a new look yellow foliage, with bright red fruit. This variety is ideal to grow on your patio or in amongst your flower border, adding a lovely pale yellow colour. The small fruits produce a rich sweet flavour.

Product Part Number: 14503

Pack Size: 200 Seeds


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When to sow
  • Jan
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January to April.

Where to Sow

Sow into pots or trays underglass at 16°C. Sow the seed on the surface of seed sowing compost and lightly cover the seed with a sprinkling of fine compost or vermiculite.

What to do next

As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out into individual pots or modular trays. Grow on under glass , then gradually harden off in a cold frame before planting outside spaced 30cm (12in) apart. Alternatively plant into patio containers and grow on a sunny patio. Harvest fruits as they develop. Giving some bird protection may be beneficial.


July and August the 1st year and June to August the following year.


Feed plants with a high potash feed once a week as soon as flowers appear to encourage more to appear and increase the fruit yield.


High in Folic Acid & Fibre and very high in Vitamin C.