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Winter Squash Musquee de Provence


Marquee de Provence seeds produce large round, semi-flat scalloped fruits weighing up to 10kg. The skin turns from green to golden brown on maturity and the flesh is a dense orange colour and of excellent flavour which is almost like that of nutmeg. The sweet, yet splightly spicy favour makes this squash a favourite amongst chefs. It can also be eaten raw! This variety has a very long storage ability and plants have a trailing habit.

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Pack Size: 15 Seeds


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When to Sow Musquee De Provence Seeds

April to May under glass or Mid-May to June outdoors.

Where to Sow

Sow seed on edge 1.5cm (1/2") deep to prevent rotting in pots or trays during April to May 2.5cm (1") apart under glass at 20°C (68°F) using good quality seed sowing compost. Sow outdoors mid-May to June direct into growing site 1.5cm (1/2") deep 2 to 3 seeds in each position 90-100cm (36-40") apart.

What to do next

Greenhouse sowings should be gradually hardened off once they have developed the first pair of rough leaves and transplanted to growing site in late-May to early-June 90-100cm (36-40") apart once all risk of frost has past. Outdoor sowings should be thinned to one plant per station.


September to October

Handy Tip

Fruits store well for use through the winter months. Store in a warm and dry place for up to 5 months.

Nutritional Values

A good source of Vitamins B1 and E and high in antioxidants.