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Green Manure - Fenugreek - Pack for 15 sq.m


Fenugreek is grown mainly to increase humus content. Quick into growth to suppress weeds but slower to flower than mustard. Fenugreek isn't a nitrogen fixer.

Improve your soil fertility, increase the humus content, improve the structure of the soil or simply blanket the bare soil and suppress weed growth whilst the ground is not in use.



Product Part Number: 80512

Pack Size: 15 Sq.M. Pack


Price (Inc. VAT): £1.85

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When to Sow Fenugreek Seeds

March to August.

How to Sow

Broadcast at 4gms per square metre or in shallow rows 15cm apart.

Growing Time

10 weeks

Soil Type

Moist soils, but should be well drained

Digging In

Any time up to flowering.


20 square metres


Attractive bushy plant, producing a mass of foliage. Not as woody as mustard.