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Crimson Clover - 1kg for 300 sq.m


Crimson Clover (1kg for 300 sq.m).

Crimson Clover is best for sandy soils to add humus. It fixes nitrogen and is very attractive to bees if left to flower. Broadcast seed from March to June for digging before flowering or July and August for digging in during the spring.

Improve your soil fertility, increase the humus content, improve the structure of the soil or simply blanket the bare soil and suppress weed growth whilst the ground is not in use.

Product Part Number: 31406

Pack Size: 1Kg For 300 Sq.M.


Price (Inc. VAT): £10.95

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When to Sow Crimson Clover Seeds

Early March to end of August.

How to Sow

Broadcast at 3gms per square metre.

Growing Time

Up to 3 months for early sowing. Over winter from July and August sowing.

Soil Type

Prefers sandy, dislikes heavy.

Digging In

Before flowering.


30 square metres.


Excellent nitrogen fixer. If left to grow will produce delightful red flowers, very attractive to bees. 1 ROD - 5.5 x 5.5 sq. yds. = 30.25 sq. yds. or 25.3 sq.m.