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Buckwheat - Pack for 15 sq.m


Buckwheat is deep rooting to break up subsoils and also makes a lot of growth to increase humus content. It has the added benefit of attracting hoverflies which feed on greenfly in the garden. Dig or rotavate in before frosts for humus improvement. Fast into growth so good for weed suppressing.

Improve your soil fertility, increase the humus content, improve the structure of the soil or simply blanket the bare soil and suppress weed growth whilst the ground is not in use.

Product Part Number: 80506

Pack Size: 15 Sq.M. Pack


Price (Inc. VAT): £1.75

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When to Sow Buckwheat Seeds

Broadcast March - Mid-September 

Soil Type


Dig In

1 - 2 Months, before flowering

Nitrogen Fixer

- no


25 sq.m / 30 sq yd 1 ROD - 5.5 x 5.5 sq. yds. = 30.25 sq. yds. or 25.3 sq.m.