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Aubergine Pinstripe F1


Aubergine F1 Pinstripe Seeds

These get the name pinstripe as they produce striking striped purple and white fruits. The plants are compact branching plants that grow up to 60cm tall and 60cm wide, with silver grey foliage, which is spineless in most conditions. Crops over a long period. Pinstripe aubergine reach weights of around 80g. To develop slightly bigger fruits, limit the plant to 3-4 fruits. Prefers full sun.
Annual vegetable

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When to Sow Pinstripe F1 Seeds

January to April. Germination takes around 10-14 days.

Where to Sow

Space the seeds 2cm (¾") apart in seed trays or two to a cell in modules under glass at 20°C. Cover seeds lightly with vermiculite or finely sieved compost.

What to do Next

As soon as two full leaves have developed, prick off seedlings into individual pots. Grow on and plant into grow-bags or large pots. Plants can be grown in containers outside in a sunny sheltered spot. Feed plants as soon as first fruits set, once a week with a high potash tomato food.


July to October

Handy Tip

Makes an attractive addition to patio displays, adding colour, interest and the added benefit of a productive harvest.

Nutritional Values

Rich in vitamins A, C and potassium