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DIRECT SALE Precision Seeder


This wheeled, precision seed-sower is ideal for large gardens, allotments or commercial growers. Sows single rows of seeds quickly and efficiently. It sows seeds in a straight line, with equal spaces between, and to the correct depth.

Comes complete with:

  • Ten easy-to-change plates complete with carry case, to cover most types of seed. (Sweet corn, peas, beans, carrot, radish and beet)
  • Extremely well built
  • Redesigned handles for comfort
  • Prepares the drill to the correct depth
  • Sows the seed and covers over
  • Sturdy row marker, marks the next row
  • Bigger back wheel giving better grip to the ground
  • Lidded hopper to prevent seed loss.

Product Part Number: 43991

Pack Size: 1


Price (Inc. VAT): £210.00

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