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Py Bug Killer Concentrate Spray - 250ml


Vitax Py Bug Killer Concentrate Spray

A micro-emulsion containing 10g/l (0.96 % w/w) cypermethrin.
Spray for controlling aphids, thrips, sawfly, weevils, leaf hoppers, caterpillars, flea beetles and capsides.
Can be used on a range of vegetables including cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes, and roses.
Harmless to humans and animals.
Mix this concentration with the required amount of water, and agitate to ensure thorough mixing. Apply with a knapsack, pressurised garden sprayer or spray bottle.
Spray bottle is not included! Spray plants thoroughly, including the underside of the leaves.

Product Part Number: 45913

Pack Size: 1


Price : £10.50

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