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Cucumber Tanja Organic Seed


Slim dark green fruits 35cm long. Refreshing taste, with no bitterness.

Product Part Number: OV165

Pack Size: 20 Seeds


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 Indoors - Sow individual seeds edgewise 1cm deep in 9cm pots under glass at a constant temperature of 25°C.  As soon as the seedlings have produced three true leaves, transplant to 15cm pots.  When the plants are 10cm tall, plant out to the growing site. 

 Outdoors - Sow from mid May 30cm apart in rows 100-150cm apart.  Water regularly.  When watering, always use tap water at room temperature to avoid any bacterial infection. 





 One of the traditional ways to ensure germination is to fold a damp sheet of kitchen paper in half, and place the seeds on their edge in the fold.  Then place in a plastic bag and put them in the airing cupboard.  Check daily and once germinated, place in compost and grow on as normal.