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Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) P


Large white daisy flowers and silvery green foliage. Flower early in summer on wiry stems. For best effects, grow in bold drifts. Young leaves are eaten as a salad in Italy.

Was once used as a medicinally herb to treat chronic coughs, and externally for treating wounds and bruises.

Habitat: hay meadows and roadsides. Height 45cm.


Product Part Number: H178

Pack Size: 250 Seeds


Price : £1.95

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Where to Sow Oxeye Daisy Seeds

Outside - In spring in fine well prepared soil.  Do not cover the minute seed but water in with a fine rose. Inside - In a seed tray anytime.  Do not cover the seed but water in and cover the tray with glass to keep in moisture until germination occurs.  Prick out when large enough.

Where to Grow

In any garden soil.  Site in full sun.