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Herb Chervil Plain


There is nothing that tastes better than using your own home grown herbs in your cooking or salads to add more flavour.

Plain Chervil produces leaves that are long and straight and have a stronger tasting flavour than its curled counterpart. Chervil makes for an ideal alternative to parsley as a garnish or in dishes as they are similar in flavour.
Annual herb

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When to Sow Chervil Seeds

March and April.

Where to Sow

In boxes or pots, in a cold frame, unheated greenhouse or directly into growing site.

When to Transplant

Seedlings in pots or trays should be thinned to 5cm apart before planting out in the growing site. Outdoor sowing should be thinned gradually to 30cm apart.

Handy Tip

Cook three peeled and chopped potatoes with a clove of garlic until potatoes are tender. Put through a blender adding 1½ cups of cream and season to taste.  Then reheat adding 2-3 tbsp of chopped chervil, or amount desired. Do not leave to boil as flavour will be lost.


Leaves can be used in salads, soups, sauces, and white meat dishes. Infused in tea it can aid digestion. The leaf can also be used in facial masks and eaten raw to release vitamin C.