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Sweet Pea Beaujolais Seeds


Highly Scented   Spencer Type

Beaujolais sweet pea produces large, highly scented and deep burgundy maroon flowers.

A spencer type.
Hardy Annual flower
Height: 180cm - 220cm (6-8ft)

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Pack Size: 20 Seeds


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When to Sow Beaujolais Sweet Pea Seeds

Plant sweet pea seeds from autumn to Spring (September to April).

Where to Sow

Sweet pea seeds can be sown in a pot and kept in a cold frame or glasshouse until they're ready to be planted out or they can be sown direct into the ground if sowing in September or April.
September and April sowings: Flowering site 2cm (3/4") deep.
Later sowings in pots: 5 seeds in each pot.
October and November sowings: In a cold frame.
January sowings: In a heated glasshouse.
March sowings in a cold frame.

What to do next

Sweet pea seedlings that have been raised in a greenhouse should be hardened off during March. Plant out any pot grown seedlings direct into the flowering site 15cm (6") apart in April. Thin direct sown seedlings to 10cm (4") apart. Pick flowers regularly to encourage new growth.


Late June to September

Handy Tip

Provide sturdy support for plants. After a good rain a mature plant will become heavy.