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Papaver (Poppy Seeds) Iceland Giant


Tall stemmed nudicaule (Iceland) poppy. Large paper-like blooms in lovely pastel colours. Hardy biennial or short lived perennial.

Height: 45-60cm (18-24")


Product Part Number: 71701

Pack Size: 1500 Seeds


Price : £2.05

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When to Sow Iceland Giant Poppy Seeds

April and May

Where to Sow

Under cover sow onto the surface of pots or trays filled with moist seed sowing compost. Do not cover as light helps germination. Place at a temperature of between 15-20°C (59-68°F) until germination which usually takes 14-30 days. Can also be sown outdoors once the soil has warmed, 3mm (1/8") deep in drills 30cm (12") apart in well cultivated soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. When large enough to handle, thin out seedlings to 45cm (18") apart.

What to do Next

When large enough to handle, transplant seedlings into pots or trays and grow on until large enough to plant out in a sunny border.


May to June the following year.

Handy Tip

Plant in large drifts where the colourful nodding heads will gently sway in a breeze.