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Petunia Prism Sunshine F1


Prism Sunshine F1 Petunia Seeds

A quite stunning colour of bright yellow. Extra early grandiflora type with very uniform plants that remain compact throughout the season. Really outstanding in beds, pots or hanging baskets.
Height: 30cm (12")
Half hardy annual flowers

Product Part Number: 70641

Pack Size: 75 Seeds


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When to Sow Prism Sunshine Petunia Seeds

January to early April.

Where to Sow

Sow sunshine prism seeds thinly into pots or seed trays on the surface of good free-draining seed compost and cover with a fine sprinkling of Vermiculite. Place pots in a propagator or cover pots with a pokythene bag and keep an even temperature of 20-25°C until after germination which takes approx 7-21 days.
DO NOT exclude light as this will effect the germination

What to do Next

As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, thin out or prick off into trays spacing 5cm apart. Grow on and gradually harden off for planting outside after last frost.


May to late October.

Handy Tip

Do not overfeed plants as this will encourage leaf growth at the expense of the flowers.