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18 July 2013
Kings Seeds VIP Press Day

Kings Seeds VIP Press Day went very well last Thursday, with a turnout of 32 key press and media contacts, including local newspapers and celebrity gardener and presenter Bob Flowerdew. We were also delighted to have Dr. D.G hessayon with us and he signed some copies of his new "Expert Gardener" books. The weather was superb and everyone enjoyed a tour of the Kings Seeds site, including the Laboratory where seeds are tested for germination and vigour and the seed packing area. Old equipment dating back to 1888 when Kings was first established was also on display, including measurers such as Bushels and Peck, seed polishers and centrifugal helix spiral seed sorters.

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02 July 2013
Successional Sowing - How to Get The Most From Your Raised Beds

Sometimes, less is more, so whether you have an allotment, large kitchen garden or just a single raised bed, you should use successional sowing to ensure a steady, regular and appropriate supply of vegetable throughout the growing season, rather than a glut all at once. Basically, using the principle of little and often, it involves extending your harvest by sowing a row every few weeks or so. Quick growing crops such as French beans, peas, spinach, salads and carrots lend themselves to this way of cultivation. In this way you can ensure a regular, fresh supply of vegetables that otherwise would perish quickly under storage conditions.

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