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Fleuroselect and RHS announce Sunflower Awards 09 December 2015

Kings Seeds are proud to be the only Hobby Gardener packet seed company to get an AGM for a variety submitted.

Sunflower Teddy Bear supplied by us got an AGM in the recent RHS Fleuroselect Trial. This variety is available through our Mail Order catalogue, or click HERE if you would like to buy yourself a packet to try.

Also, Sunflower Sunbright F1 is offered by Kings to our commercial growers and this also got an AGM.

You can see the full list of the varieties, including ours, that were given awards by following this link HERE

                       Teddy Bear                                                                                    Sunbright F1
SUNFLOWER-TEDDY-BEAR-74713-square.jpg                                                SUNFLOWER-SUNBRIGHT-F1-82013-(1).jpg

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