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Gardening Tips - Soft Fruit 23 June 2020

Gerry Edwards, author of Growing Fruit published by the Vegetable Society, put me on to the wonderful ways of Autumn Treasure.

The problem I had. I could not get 'Summer Raspberries ' to grow successfully on the land I acquired in 2007. These raspberries were fine until their second fruiting year at which point they collapsed, young spring growth simply withered and died. RHS advised virus in soil, grow in raised beds. Bad idea, cost of soil bought in would have been £600 plus, cost of raised beds heaven knows, lots of watering and I have no head for heights.

For me your Autumn Treasures have totally solved the problem of virus damage. Not only that but they provide crops early June / July and then August to first frost if you follow this plan:

Do NOT cut canes down until they have produced crop one in the Autumn and crop two in following June /July and

Repeat this procedure for each following growth of canes.

Other points...It is said that autumn raspberries's fruits are inferior to summer ones. My autumn raspberries have won prizes in Summer shows! Following this plan it has to be admitted that in the second and subsequent years of fruiting the Autumn crop will be lighter but no worry for me as summer crop is massive and who wants mushy raspberries in November.

For me all this is a plus, plus and plus and I am very grateful to Kings Seeds for supplying these splendid plants. Sadly, the Gardening World does not seem to want to know the above which saddens me because folk and perhaps the birds are being denied the opportunity of getting second crops.

I also work this plan with Joan J reasonably successfully! Please feel free to discuss with others and tell your customers as you see fit.

Very best regards,

Andrew Beer

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