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Sowing your Hardy Annuals 26 April 2016

Now the soil has warmed up slightly and they still have a little moisture below the surface but still dry enough to sow seed into, it is the perfect time to sow Hardy Annual flower seeds direct into borders. 

These summer flowering annuals are quick and easy to grow, flowering all summer. We call this 'No Hassle Gardening' as you simply fork over the soil, rake it level and then mark out various drifts (shapes) in your border with a stick or sand, then sow a different annual into each shape. 

The choice is endless, ranging from Calendula, Larkspur, Nasturtiums, and Godetia to Sunflowers. If the soil is dry, water the drills first before sowing the seed, so the moisture is where the seed needs it to help germination. If the soil in your area isn't workable don't worry, these easy annuals can still be sown up to mid June outside. Once they are sown you can sit backand wait for the colour to arrive. 

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