Onion Sets Stuttgart - 500g net

Item Number: 31507
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    Stuttgart onion sets produces semi-flat bulbs with a pleasant firm texture and nice golden skin colour. This has been a popular variety for many years.

    500g contains approx 150 sets.
  • Pack size: Approx. 500G
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    £ 4.00

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On arrival, onion sets should be laid out to prevent sweating and sprouting. Any apparent deterioration in quality should be notified to us within 7 days of receipt of goods.


Please note that a £1.50 carriage charge is applicable on onion set order.


On arrival unpack sets and lay in a seed tray in a cool airy place until ready to plant. Plant sets just below the surface spaced 10-15cm apart along the row and spaced 30-45cm between the rows.