Garlic Offer - Mixture of Garlic varieties

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  • Garlic offer.


    Valid from 1st August until 15th January 2018.

    With this fantastic collection of garlic, you will receive the following amazing varieties of garlic.

    2 x Cloves of Elephant Garlic
    1 x Bulb of Provence
    1 x Bulb of Bohemian
    1 x Bulb of Mikulov
    1 x Bulb of Early Purple
    1 x Bulb of Solent

    Not a true member of the garlic family but closer to a leek, these bulbs have a fresh, mild and sweet flavour. Each bulb is approximately 10-15cm across. Elephant garlic is best planted in the autumn for maximum size.

    Provence Wight (softneck)
    This variety can produce bulbs that approach elephant garlic size. The large fat cloves suit vegetable and fish dishes. Spring planting is possible but will produce smaller bulbs.

    Bohemian Wight (hardneck)
    With a creamy appearance and purplish large cloves, this heritage variety produces tall, straight stems and leaves over a metre high.

    Mikulov Wight (softneck)
    This garlic produces coloured bulbs with very large cloves, approximately six to the bulb. The flavour of this heritage variety is described by the locals as noble - very strong!

    Early Purple Wight (softneck)
    This is a robust early purple garlic that produces large bulbs in early June in the south of England, mid June in the north. It can be planted up to January but an October planting is recommended.

    Solent Wight (softneck)
    Described as having an aroma and bouquet without compare, this garlic produces approximately 15 cloves per bulb. 'Solent Wight' is the longest keeping garlic and if harvested in July or August and dried, it can keep until April the following year!
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Please note on arrival, garlic should be laid out to prevent sweating and sprouting. Any apparent deterioration in quality should be notified to us within 7 days of receipt of delivery.

Softneck versus Hardneck
There are two distinctive types of cultivated garlic. Softneck is easier to grow, has plenty of cloves and stores well. Hardneck produces fewer but larger cloves and because they have a thinner skin they have a shorter shelf life. It also produces flower stalks as part of its natural growth.