Garlic Mikulov Wight- Hardneck - 2 bulbs

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    Mikulov Wight is a Heritage hardneck variety from the beautiful southern Moravian town of Mikulov with its stunning castle of the Dietrichsteins. Violet coloured bulbs with very large cloves, approximately six to the bulb. The large leaves stand erect and strong making this variety a very attractive plant. The flavour is described by the locals as 'noble'. This garlic keeps well. Autumn planting is preferred.

    Bulbs are as dug.

    PLEASE NOTE: On arrival, garlic should be laid out to prevent sweating and sprouting. Any apparent deterioration in quality should be notified to us within 7 days of receipt of goods.
  • Pack size: 2 Bulb Pack
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It is easy for any gardener to grow good garlic. It grows well over most of the UK provided it is grown in a free draining soil, that is not too acid (pH levels should be over 6.7) and kept well watered and weed free.

Softneck versus Hardneck
There are two distinctive types of cultivated garlic. Softneck is easier to grow, has plenty of cloves and stores well. Hardneck produces fewer but larger cloves and because they have a thinner skin have a shorter shelf life. It also produces flower stalks as part of its natural growth.