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DIRECT SALE - Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit


Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

This pink oyster kit includes:
- a heat resistant mushroom grow bag
- straw substrate
- fresh mushroom spawn
- detailed instructions

With a strong meaty flavour, the pink oyster mushroom is a great meat substitute that is high in protein and fibre. More resilient in the summer months, the brightly coloured caps will bring a cheerful addition to any kitchen or garden space. One of the fastest growing varieties of oyster mushrooms that can be harvested within as little as 3-5 weeks, but unfortunately they don't have a long shelf life like other mushrooms once harvested. This is what makes them hard to come across, even at farmers markets.
Outdoor Fruiting: Summer
Indoor Fruiting: All year

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Growing Instructions for Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit:
Kits come ready to go which contains the spawn fresh on arrival. They are the perfect way to make a foray into the world of mushroom growing, with clear instructions included.
- Add boiling water to the bag.
- Once cool, mix in your fresh mushroom spawn.
- Incubate - Store and let the mycelium (roots) develop.
- Bring into the light and keep moist. Watch the mushrooms start to grow.
- Harvest just before the caps fully tun up. To harvest, twist the cluster.
- Cook and enjoy your own home grown mushrooms!

Ideal growing temperature: 18-28C
Avoid direct sunlight and temperatures over 30C

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