Blackberry Asterina 1 x 2 litre pot - Delivery NOVEMBER

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    Last orders for November delivery is 31st October. Orders placed after this date will be delivered from Mid-March.

    Large bright shiny fruit the size of a pound coin. Excellent blackberry aroma and taste even when picked before fully ripe. First berries will ripen in mid-July.

    1 x 2 litre pot
  • Pack size: 1 X 2Ltr Pot
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    £ 9.50

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Full growing instructions with every order. Blackberries take up very little ground room and are ideal for smaller gardens where they can be trained up a fence or shed wall. The are tolerant of a wide range of conditions as long as the soil is reasonably fertile and not poorly drained. Clear the soil thoroughly of all weeds, particularly perennial weeds. All blackberries require some support, to encourage even ripening, easy picking and vigorous cane growth. A post and wire fence is ideal, with gaps of about 30cm (1") between three or four horizontal wires. Wires can be fixed to a fence or a wall, attached by vine eyes and fixed to allow a gap of at least 6-10cm (2½-4") between the wires and structure behind.


Plant as soon as weather and soil conditions permit to a spacing of 2.4-3.0m (8-10ft) and 1.8m (6ft) between rows.


During autumn and winter remove the canes, which have finished fruiting to ground level. Tie in the new growth, which has come from the bas during the summer.