Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens

Buy A Seed, Grow A Community


Get your hands dirty -  support our community gardening & farming appeal this Christmas.

Buy special discounted packs from Kings Seeds this Christmas and 20% of the price will go towards helping volunteer gardening groups in some of the UK's most deprived communities.

The money will help the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, a national charity dedicated to giving people access to a bit of green space where they can grow their own food, get some exercise, learn new skills, make new friends or just relax in peace.

Hundreds of local volunteer-run groups, from small community gardens to large city farms, are supported by FCFCG each year - meaning thousands of volunteers and three million visitors a year reap the benefits.

Growth starts with a seed. The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens has been a watering can for thousands of local community growing groups for the last 35 years. Helping us to help them is very simple - buy a discount seed pack from Kings Seeds and 20% of the price will go towards helping them bloom (links below).

What will the money do?

The money raised will be used by FCFCG to inspire and support city farms and community gardens such as:

Bath City Farm
The farm's 'Grow It, Cook It, Share It' project aims to encourage healthy lifestyles and eating habits through practical horticulture and gardening activities for people who have suffered mental illness. The site is used to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as providing a community area for socialising and relaxing.

Putting Down Roots
A gardening project in London for people who are currently homeless or at risk of being homeless. The idea is to use gardening for therapeutic purposes and to support clients to gain skills, qualifications, paid and voluntary work.

Riverside Community Allotment Project
This project in Cardiff opens the site for school visits - getting children out of the classroom and giving them a chance to grow food for themselves. This encourages children to learn about food and nutrition. The project also hosts visits from young offenders from a nearby probation hostel who get to learn new skills and responsibilities.

        Stocking Filler Collection                                                                                  Festive Flavour Collection                                                                      A Sleighful of Veg Collection
FCFCG-19009.jpg                                                                       FCFCG-19010.jpg                                                            FCFCG-19011.jpg