Turnip Seeds

Turnips are fast growing root vegetables which add a different flavour grated raw in salads and added to casseroles or served as a seperate vegetable. When pulled young they are a far cry from the woody, sad examples often seen in shops. They are a member of the brassica group so remember this when planning rotations in the vegetable plot. Sow the seed in shallow drills 1cm deep with 25-30cm between rows. Sowing can commence in February giving cloche protection and continue to April. Hot weather causes bolting of the plants so do not sow in May and June. Hardy varieties can then be sown in July and August for autumn lifting and storage or pulled during winter up to about Christmas. Thin the seedlings as soon as possible to 10cm spacings for early crops and 15cm for autumn and winter crops. Harvest early crops when about 5-8cm diameter.