Sweet Corn Seed

A tender vegetable that needs a good summer to produce at its best. Given a sheltered spot and using early varieties, this delicious vegetable is now quite at home in northern countries. For best results raise plants under cover in modules or pots, but sowings can be made outside for later crops. Sow 2 seeds per pot or module cell under glass at 14-15 degree celsius in April. Thin to one seedling. Gradually harden off before planting out in late May or June. Plant in blocks, not rows, with 30cm each way. Outdoor sowings should not be made until May and preferably under cloches to start the plants off. Regular watering is important once the cobs start to form. The cobs are ready when the tassels or silks at the end turn brown. To check, ease back some husk and squeeze a kernel, if the juice is milky the cob is ready. Pick as close to cooking time as possible to get the sweetest flavour.