Sprouting Seeds

A simple way to produce nutririous vegetables all year round. Like beansprouts there are other seeds which can be raised in the same way to give different flavours. They can be grown in the same way as Cress but with the following types the whole seedling is eaten. The most common method employed is to use a glass jar. Do not try to grow too much in one jar, it is amazing how much room a few seeds take up, so experiment to get the dose right. Soak the seeds overnight in tepid water after washing them. Drain the seeds and place them in a clean jar. Use a piece of muslin or old tights for a cover and secure with a strong rubber band. Fill the jar with water and then pour off leaving nicely moistened seeds in the jar. Lay the jar on its side with a small block under the solid end so any excess water gradually drains off. Keep in a warm place and repeat the wetting and draining twice a day. Insufficient water and the sprouts will die, too much retained water and mould will form and kill the sprouts. All sorts of seeds, including radish, peas, onion and mustard can be sprouted in the same way or, even easier, use one of our sprouters.