Carrot Seeds

One of the least demanding of crops and probably the widest grown vegetable in British gardens. If it has a drawback, it must be the possibility of attack by carrot fly. As the little swine is attracted by the scent given off when thinning the crop, the most obvious way to hope to avoid the problem is to sow carefully and thinly so that the thinning is not necessary. If you have to thin the seedlings, do so in the evening and after a good watering. Some old hands believe that plantings onions next to carrots helps as the onion scent puts off the predator. Sow in shallow drills 1-2cm deep with 15cm between rows. The aim is to have seedlings every 4-5cm along the row. Depending on the variety, sowing can start under cloches as early as March for a first picking in June.