Brassica Collection - 6 Maximus, Duncan Marathon & Atalaya JUNE DELIVERY

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  • BRASSICA F1 PLUG PLANT COLLECTION - 6x Maximus, 6x Duncan, 6x Marathon & 6x Atalaya - JUNE 2018 Delivery

    Professionally grown, garden ready plug plants delivered to your door, ready for planting into their final position.

    Growing from plugs takes away a lot of the worry that some gardeners have when raising plants from seed. With our staggered deliveries you can order with confidence that they will arrive at the perfect time for planting. Specially selected so that they are easy to grow for beginners and the more experienced gardener.

    6x Brussels Sprout Maximus F1 is a high quality variety with a good flavour and long standing ability.

    6x Cabbage Duncan F1 is full of flavour with dark green upright leaves which cover tight pointed hearts.

    6x Calabrese Marathon F1 has large blue-green heads which are full of flavour and slow to run to seed with a good disease resistance.

    6x Cauliflower Atalaya F1 has deep solid curds with good leaf cover protection that stands well and has a good flavour.

    1 plant per plug.
  • Pack size: 24 Plug Plants
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    £ 9.10