Beetroot Wodan 12 Plugs - JULY DELIVERY

Item Number: 97011
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    Professionally grown, garden ready plug plants delivered to your door, ready for planting into their final position.

    Growing from plugs takes away a lot of the worry that some gardeners have when raising plants from seed. With our staggered deliveries you can order with confidence that they will arrive at the perfect time for planting. Specially selected so that they are easy to grow for beginners and the more experienced gardener.

    Wodan F1 produces delicious medium size roots which rarely become woody. Pick young as a baby beet or leave to mature.

    1 plant per plug
  • Pack size: 12 Plug Plants
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    £ 5.50

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July Delivery

A postage charge of £4.95 is applicable on orders containing Plug Plants.

What to do on arrival

On arrival open the packages immediately. You may notice a little compost spillage due to movement in the post, and occasionally an odd yellow leaf may appear and fall off due to the plants being in a box for a short period, but this is nothing to worry about. If there is any significant damage please contact us immediately. Stand the plants upright and give a little water as required. After a couple of hours the plants will have recovered from the journey and will be ok to plant as directed below.

Soil Preparation

Always prepare your soil well prior to planting by adding a general fertiliser and rake well into the soil. If growing in containers, plant into a good quality potting compost and feed throughout the growing season to keep plants healthy and producing a tasty crop over a longer period.

Harvest Period

July to October

Planting Distance

10cm (4") between plants in rows spaced 30cm (12") apart.

Growing Instructions

Plant as multisown for smaller beetroots. Gradually thin to a single beetroot per station as roots become large enough to eat once they reach 5cm (2.5") in diameter. Leave remaining roots to get larger for harvesting later as required. Plant into well prepared soil in a sunny position and water well. The smaller the roots the sweeter the flavour.