Aubergine Jackpot - 3 Plants - JUNE DELIVERY

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    Aubergine Jackpot F1 (3 Plants) - JUNE DELIVERY 2018.

    Dark Purple fruits. Exceptionally early. Ideal for growing on patios or in a cold greenhouse. Fruits can be harvested small as a true baby vegetable.

    3 plants per growbag or one plant per 25cm (10in) pot.
    Alternatively 38cm (15in) apart if planting in border soil.     
    July to October     
    Plant into growbags or large pots and grow on in a greenhouse or polytunnel.
    Alternatively, plants can be grown in containers outside in a sunny sheltered spot.
    Plants will require supporting as they get taller.
    Water and feed plants regularly with a high potash feed once the first fruits have set.

  • Pack size: 3 X 9Cm Pots
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